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Peter Hartzell

Aug 21, 2018

Join us on this deep conversation on "adulating" with Dennis Drummond (season 13 of The Voice on NBC). Dennis currently plays with Barrett Baber and Adam Wakefield (both Voice alum) and is a prolific studio session and live guitar player. Dennis was formally trained at Berkley College of Music, and is an active member of the vibrant musicians community in middle Tennessee. Dennis has an amazing voice, and an even better outlook on life. If you want to learn how to be a well rounded professional in the music industry, look no further.

You can follow Dennis on all your favorite social media streams, and keep an eye on Barrett Baber and Adam Wakefield to stay in the loop. Dennis also hosts a weekly blues jam at Hotel Indigo downtown Nashville on Tuesday nights, so be sure to check that out if you're near the Nashville area. & for more. Leave us a 5 star review in iTunes, and follow "TheSoundMindPodcast" on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.